Pertevniyal High School attended the first international visit of the Erasmus+ Project 'Minorities Europe' on 18th - 23rd November 2018. Four student delegates involved in several activities such as Press Conference Activity and My School, City, Country Presentations. Within those activities, importance of our intercultural dialogue and getting to know other cultures were highlighted.


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Here you find the Turkish press artice about the visit of the Romanian school in Satu Mare.


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LTT in SPAIN: Printed Newspaper Traunreuter Anzeiger
Impresiv: A fully digitized classroom at our partnerschool in Barcelona/Molins.
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LTT in GERMANY: Students and teachers from Macedonia, Romania and Turkey are visiting the Realschule Traunreut
Traunreuter Anzeiger Erasmus-MinEu-Gaest
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LTT in ROMANIA: Printed newspaper Traunreuter Anzeiger
Students are visiting UNESCO sites and minorities in Romania. Such as Roma, Hungarians, Germans.
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LTT in MACEDONIA: Printed newspaper Traunreuter Anzeiger
Warm and welcoming hosts
Traunreuter Anzeiger Erasmus-MinEu Traun
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During the stay in Spain, through several workshops , our students successfully presented Macedonia, the city of Bitola and ourschool "Dame Gruev",emphasizingthe friendship with 30 more students from all partner schools in the project wich continues with its activities in the next two years with the next mobility in Germany and Romania.


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Bitola News

Printed Newspaper Students and Teachers from Bitola 12.12.2018
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German day in Macedonia


Exhibition at the Cultural Center - Bitola on the topic of Folk Culture

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Online article about the visit of the Romanian school in Satu Mare




Bitola has been the host of Germany, Turkey, Romania in March 2020. Clic here for an ONLINE-Press article.


The first LTTA meeting was organized between 19-22 November 2018, at the partner school from Mulins de Rei, Spain, where Liceul Tehnologic "Constantin Brancusi" Satu Mare was represented by three teachers and four students. There were organized workshops and cultures visits where both students and teachers took part. The students presented their school, town and country they participated at the press conference workshop, they voted for the logo of our project and participated at the lectures presented by the Red Cross and a psychologist from Madrid University. The cultural visits referred mostly to UNESCO heritage buildings..


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Printed Newspaper EDUCATIE 15.11.2018
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Here you find a list of all publications in Romania
Update 30.03.2020
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