Istanbul, Turkey

Local activities school Pertevniyal Lisesi

Pertevniyal Lisesi is at secondary level and the students' ages are 14-17. In addition to core curriculum, the students take German and French classes. Almost all of the students attend music, art, sports, robotics, coding and foreign language clubs after school. In our school, there are 66 teachers and about 1000 students. Our school is a small model of the cultural diversity in Istanbul. We have many immigrant students from Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, China, Bulgaria, Turkic Republics and many minority students such as Kurds, Laz people and Caucasians.

Showcase at school

Our Erasmus Corner has been organised by the 9th graders with the quotes emphasizing the importance of cultural diversity.


The corner is telling us a lot about Spain and its colorful culture.

Visiting the director of district education

The Pertevniyal Lisesi Erasmus+ project team visited the director of district education office on 31st October 2018 in order to introduce the project and the content of the first LTT visit to Spain.

European Cultural Heritage

Thanks to Sena Zeynep Yamak for the presentation

Thanks to İlayda Sokur for imforming her peers for highlighting the importance of protecting and transferring it to the net generations.

Project Marketing

Deniz Dursun from 10F made a presentation about the ERASMUS+ MinEU project. She informed the other students about the project partners and objectives.

Syrian refugees in Turkey

Conducted by the student Sinem Cayhun

Pertevniyal High School made an interview with Köksal Banoğlu, who is the international projects coordinator of Maltepe Municipality.


In the interview, Mr.Banoğlu informed us about their project 'Maltepe heals the wounds of Syrian Refugees' and also shared their experiences about social integration of Syrian refugees.

Cultural Diversity

Sebrinisa Dursunoğlu and Esma Karahan are Uyghur students who have migration stories from China to Turkey. They shared some aspects of blending in Turkish culture. We also want to thank to Göktuğ Yılmaz and İsmail Berke Tuncer for their contribution to this video.

Exhibition about project activities

A mini exhibition at school was organized that shows the project activities carried out in 2018-2019. The exhibition is being visited by students and their parents every day.