Satu Mare, Romania

Local activities at school Constantin Brancusi

Informing the townhall about our MinEu project

After the coordinator of the project and our NA informed us that the project was approved, we visited the local municipalities, the mayor of town Satu Mare, Mr. Gabor Kereskenyi and Mrs. Doina Feher, the vice mayor and presented it to them. We also handed them an invitation to the opening of the project, that was organized at Liceul Tehnologic "Constantin Brancusi", Satu Mare.

Workshop influences of other languages on Romanian

EBook - klick here
We all smile in the same language


This e-book aims to inform readers about Romanian language and also its interaction with the other languages. The history of Romanian can be traced through different periods of outside influence on the language. The first period we will look at is the Dacian period.


The Dacians were the first known civilization to live in the area where Romania is now situated. The second period is the Romanization— following the Roman conquest of the Dacians. After, the Romanization was a period of Slavic influence on the Proto Romanian of that time, followed by a re-latinization movement during the 19th Century. Romanian reflects the history of its native speakers. It illustrates the story of a nation of survivors.

Dissemination of the LTTA from Satu Mare

After the LTTA organized in Satu Mare, 30.09 - 03.10.2019, dissemination was made to promote ERasmus+, the project Minorities in Europe, and of course the activities rganized in the project week. The dissemination was organized at school, and had as guests, students, teachers, local partners, local municipalities. It was our honour to present them our hard work that was a real success.


We are thankful to our students and their parents who hosted in their homes our partner schools' students and we are glad they had the opportunity to taste our lifestyle.

Launching our Erasmus+ project at school

At the very beginning of October 2018, we presented our project to students, teachers, parents, local partners, town municipality and school inspectorate. We were all glad that we  could participate in a new Erasmus plus partnership, entitled "Minorities in Europe". 

Erasmusplus corner at school

The Erasmus+ corner is always refreshed with the latest photos regarding the ongoing activities within our project.

Initial questionnaire

At the very beginning of the project, our students participated at filling in the online questionnaire regarding cultural diversity.


The questionnaires were evaluated and an initial questionnaire data was gathered. At the end of the project, the same questionnaire will be filled in to see the impact and the results of the project activities.


15.11.2019, 4 p.m.

This is the date and time when students had to take a picture about the activity they were involved in that moment, activity where all four partner countries students participated actively.
This draft has been layouted by the Romanian team.