BITOLA, Macedonia

Local activities school Osnovno Uciliste Dame Gruev


This activity focuses on the

cherisment of European Cultural Heritage and contributions of minorities to the cultural diversity.
The minorities at the school in Bitola should answer what makes them special and important for the European Society.


Our Erasmus Corner is giving information about the countries of our partner schools.

Europe - Macedonia Minorities

Logo school competition

This is the winner logo of our local logo competition at our school in Bitola.


But at the further competition within all project members in Spain, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Germany.


Each country also hat to decide on a quote for the project. Macedonia decided on
"A minority may be right, and a majority is always wrong".
15.11.2019, 4 p. m.
This is the date and time when students had to take a picture about the activity they were involved in that moment, activity where all four partner countries students participated actively.
This draft has been layouted by the Macedonian team.


The Presentation is titled "Our Heritage - European Value"
followed by the motto "I love and care for my cultural heritage"

Introduction to the activity and the project itself in front of teachers, parents, students and NGOs.

The aims of this educational practice are to raise awareness of the meaning and values of cultural heritage since the earliest years; developing awareness of care and respect for cultural heritage; engaging young people in the care of cultural heritage.

INFLUENCE of other languages on MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE (ebook)

Influence of other languages on Macedonian language
е book macedonia Influences on Mac langu
Adobe Acrobat Document 568.2 KB


The 9. May is EUROPE DAY in Macedonia. After staying in Germany with our German partnerschool in Traunreut we presented German food and culture.


In May 2019, an exhibition was organized by the Cultural Center - Bitola on the topic of Folk Culture.


All schools in Bitola took part in the exhibition. Our school was under the mentorship of the art teacher Vesna Dunimaglovska, where the children were inspired by folk costumes, games, customs and old techniques that were performed in the premises where they lived. For example mosaic, stained glass or in religious temples. At this exhibition we have got the first state award.
For more information klick here.


We all smile in the same language. Many nations - many languages.

Every nation has their own language and their own alphabet, but the smile is the same for everyone.

Dissemination in our school after the implemented LTA in Romania. During the celebration of our school's patron, students made flyers for our project, distributed among students, teachers and parents. An information corner was set up where everyone whatever he wanted

could get more information about the project.