Local School activities

in Istanbul, Satu Mare, Bitola and Traunreut

An EUROPEAN MOMENT in Bitola, Istanbul, Satu Mare and Traunreut.

A students impression of a particular MOMENT expressed in one poster. All fotos were taken by students of all participating countries on 15.11.2019, exactly at 16:00 h. Some countries edited own versions that are displayed in a big format on a public place.

German version

Romanian version

Macedonian version

MOMENT EUROPE activity: This activity has been inspired by the popular teenager act 'taking a selfie'. A particular date and time such as 15.11.2019, exactly at 16:00 h was determined and every students in each country took a selfie at that moment. All of the selfies were emailed  to the North Macedonian Team. The North Macedonian team and designed a common version of a poster. Each country printed the poster in the size of about 3,5 x 2,5 m. In orde to promote similarities of European youth this common version of the poster are displayed in a public place close to the schools in Bitola, Satu Mare, Istanbul and Traunreut.


In this poster, young people from different cultures (minorities or majorities) reflect a moment of them and similarities will observed through their footages. By highlighting similarities, the concept of intercultural dialogue is fostered.