Press Conference

"Press Conference" is an activity in which participants from different cultural backgrounds get a chance to get to know each other. It is a kind of roleplay and discussion game based on experiential learning. It is based on intercultural dialogue of peers. All of the participants are divided into 5 groups according to their countries then 5 flipchart papers are put on the wall. And the name of the each group is written on the papers. The participants are given 15 minutes. Each participant writes his or her questions about the other groups on the flipchart paper. The questions could be anything but of course in the frame of respect. After finishing the questions, each group takes its paper and think about the answers for 15 - 30 minutes as a group. Then, with chairs and table (or maybe with a microphone) a setting like a press conference is established. Each group answers the questions. And also they answer the additional questions if there are any. The active participants in this activity were the students from five different countries. The teachers only observed the activity and one of the teachers just gave the instructions of the activity to the students. This activity is related to the multicultural and inclusive studies which have been conducted in each partner school. Since all of the partner schools have multicultural classes, it will also help to foster in-class integration.

At the end of the activity, students learnt more about the partner countries' cultures. (Cultural learning) As they learnt more about other cultures, we believe, this acquisition might help them to get rid of their prejudices against different cultures and be more open to intercultural dialogues. This activity also gave students a chance to develop their group working skills and to use their English at intermediate level.