Visiting our host school in MOLINS DE REI near Barcelona

INSTITUT BERNAT EL FERRER is a High School in Molins de Rei. The students' ages range from
11 to 18. In our school, there are 78 teachers and 945 students, 5% of them coming from ethnic
minorities (South America, Morocco, East Europe and China). The other 95% comes from Catalonia
and other regions of Spain.


Through this project, we want to join schools, students, teachers, families, authorities and institutions to improve inclusiveness, understanding, develop social skills, foreign languages and ICT skills. Being involved in this project, we will give our students an opportunity to know and become more aware of the European Cultural Heritage, to become more aware of minorities, to discover their positive contributions to ECH. They will also have an opportunity to develop creativity and become more comfortable in the practice of inclusive activities and so building up a conscientious esteem to the refugees and minorities.


Our school is one of two only public high school in Molins de Rei. Our school have been involved in a bilateral Comenius project (Let be my guide 2008), multilateral Comenius projects (Let’s speak European 2010 and Friendly Garbage 2012) and an KA2 Erasmus+ project (United we play, united we win). We believe that our staff is experienced enough about running international projects.