Visiting our host school in SATU MARE

Liceul Tehnologic “Constantin Brancusi” a technical upper secondary school located in Satu Mare with many minorities such as Hungarian, Ukrainian and Roma (Gypsy) people. There are 530
students and 44 teachers in our school. The students are between 15 and 19 years old. The highschool has different profiles such as carpentry, furniture designer, forestry, wooden manufacturing and environmental protection. The students mostly come from broken families and have a poor social status.


The Hungarian students are the largest minority, representing 35% of the learners in our school. They difficultly manage to integrate as they either do not speak Romanian at all or speak it poorly. As a consequence they face severe problems in daily life and at school. The management staff and teachers work hard for keeping them in school in order to graduate school. To integrate this minority group, our school offers is bilingual education in Romanian and Hungarian.


In all classes there are some Romani students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and it is our duty to integrate them into the society as well. Within this project, we want to give our minority students a good change to express themselves. We tend to arise people’s awareness towards the minorities as they are the part of our community. We believe that as we grow this awareness, our students’ integration to the school and their social inclusion will be much better. Since the students focus mainly on the profile subjects, foreign language classes are not given importance. Thus, this project is an opportunity for them to develop English in real context. We also believe that being part of this project is a chance for our majority students to learn not only about minorities in their community but, also about other countries and cultures, which is essential to cherish European cultural heritage. The whole school is willing to collaborate to the project, because we are deeply convinced that the future
will depend on the attitude of the new European generation who has developed empathy, tolerance and respect to the cultural diversity.

International Workshop Conflict Management

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Workshop Social inclusion

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Presentation of the participating schools

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Presenting minorities in Romania, Germany, Turkey and Macedonia

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UNESCO Site Village Museum of Negresti Oas

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