Visiting our host school in BITOLA

Our school locates in Bitola.The age group ranges from 9 to 15. We have 720 students (703
Macedonians, 12 Albanians, 5 Turkish and 10 Romani). There are 75 teachers who can effectively
communicate in English and are part of Etwinning platform.


All educational programs including ICT, ECO MIO (Multiethnical education) practices are implemented successfully in our school. The Children's Parliament and Student Оrganizations have actualized a lot of work under the motto ME=YOU with an emphasis on conflict prevention in and outside school as well as developing tolerance and mutual respect.


This project will help us focus on empathy, tolerance and social inclusion more. We will also raise interest towards ECH, which is a global issue but unfamiliar to our students. We also have an internationalisation strategy. Within this strategy plan, we are aiming to increase students internationalisation through international visitors.