Visiting our host school in TRAUNREUT

Walter-Mohr-Realschule is a secondary school with 4 different profiles such as maths-science,
economics, languages and handicrafts. We have 602 students and 45 teachers. Our students are
between 10 and 16 years old.Most of our pupils have a migration background.They are mostly from east European countries like Romania, Poland, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Kasachstan, Russia and Ukraine. Therefore they come from various socioeconomic backgrounds.


Although we see that all of those minority cultures live in a country of the European community, there is a lack of European identity and there's no communal spirit and sense of togetherness. After the political swing to the right, we have had a lot of discussions among our students. We also have refugees from Syria who need to be integrated in our multicultural school world. We want that our students grow together and see the advantages of living together with minorities in our school.We believe that if we initiate an intercultural dialogue among our students by this international project, they will be more interested in topics such as minorities, cultural diversity, migration and this will help to create a feeling of togetherness and social inclusion.


Both of the contact persons have good language skills, advanced ITC skills (video editing, project management system experience), and a lot of experience with international projects (China, Russia, Comenius, Pasch) and with European projects (Comenius, school exchange with Poland).